Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

Five Surefire Methods to Teach Yourself To Play Guitar

So you’ve decided you want to teach yourself to play guitar and are probably wondering what the options are right?

There are more options available today than ever before so let’s have a look at some of the more popular ones:

  • Homestudy learn guitar DVDs
  • Tuition learn learn guitar books
  • Online videos
  • Ebooks and pdfs
  • Online multimedia courses

Homestudy Learn Guitar DVDs

This will usually comprise of a set of DVDs recorded by an expert tutor who will teach multiple lessons starting from absolute beginner to more advanced techniques. You’ll be able to teach yourself to play guitar by going through the DVDs at your own pace, pausing and reviewing important sections when needed as well as reading any supporting printed materials. You’ll have the luxury of learning in your own home and not having to travel to visit a tutor or music school also!

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Tuition Learn Guitar Books

These can be a very cost effective option as long as you are happy to just read lessons and eventually work out what was meant in the lessons on your own as you can’t watch someone demonstrate that lesson. Some books may include an accompanying cd of audio examples or backing tracks to aid with learning. Typically, tuition books tend to be a more one dimensional learning style and are effective when you perservere with them. I tend to think however that they are more effective as a learning resource when used with more traditional private tuition, just as a text book is a learning resource to a teacher in a classroom.

Online Video Lessons

There are various websites providing video guitar lessons. Some are there to show you how to play popular songs which is great once you have an adequate amount of playing competency, others are designed as a step by step video coaching system to take you from absolute guitar beginner through to a playing pro similar to homestudy DVDs. Pricing will vary depending on the website. Some are just a single one off fee, some charge a monthly fee and some have a pay per video lesson arrangement.


This is the online equivalent to your standard tuition book available from the book store. Instead of a physical book, you’ll be able to purchase and download the ‘ebook’ immediately to your computer with no waiting time unlike saying ordering a book from Amazon as it will be a digital file. Similar learning advantages and disadvantages as with a tuition book except perhaps there may be links to other websites and online resources contained with your ebook too. Very cost effective option but without the helpfullness of audio and video.

Online Multimedia Courses

This option incorporates video, audio, ebooks and sometimes software to help teach yourself to play guitar. Usually you will get online videos demonstrating the lesson with supporting ebooks to follow it up. Additional audio files can be included to help illustrate the lesson or as backing tracks for you to play guitar over. Software can come in the form of helpful games or applications to help improve your understanding of reading music, developing your ear and other possible factors. Though this option maybe be a little more costly than a straight ebook, the way you learn is much more effective through multiple facets and usually proves to be a very cost effective option longer term.

We’ve reviewed some of the better ways to teach yourself to play guitar.

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