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Steve Krenz: Guitar Teacher Profile And Facts

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Who is Steve Krenz?

In this Steve Krenz review, we’ll reveal a few things about this guitar instructor and professional musician that you may not have previously been aware of.

He is many things to many people and we’ll elaborate on some of those things in the following article.

Steve Krenz: The Professional Musician

He has a tremendous amount of performing experience behind him which includes performing with Grammy winning artists such as Donna Summers and The Fifth Dimension, through to jazz big bands and playing with symphony orchestras.

As a sought after studio musician, he has worked with the likes of platinum-selling country artist, Bryan White, as well as record guitar for promotional campaigns for clients such asPrudential and the World Cyber Games, a lot of Steve’s recording work has taken place in Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee.

Steve Krenz: The Guitar Teacher

Steve Krenz

Steve Krenz - Guitar Instructor for Learn and Master Guitar

He is probably most well known online as the guitar instructor that presents and teaches inside the Learn and Master Guitar DVD course produced by Legacy Learning Systems.

University qualified
Steve Krenz has formally studied music and holds a Bachelors degree so he is more than qualified and knows what he is talking about when it comes to guitar performance and music.

Guitar and teaching workshops
Because of his deep knowledge of music theory and performance, Steve Krenz also travels around the world conducting guitar playing and teaching workshops in various venues and churches beyond the United States to such places as New Zealand and South America.

Published writer
Steve Krenz has also published many articles regarding excellence in musicianship though it’s his passion for teaching and coaching others which he holds a deep, personal commitment for.

As you can see, Steve Krenz is one of those individuals who is deeply passionate about music, guitar playing and helping others by sharing his knowledge from his many years as an all round musician whenever he can.

He currently lives in Tennessee and is married with three children.

Learn and Master Guitar DVD course
Probably the one thing which he is most proud of to date is the Learn and Master Guitar DVD course which he spent quite some time in partnership with Legacy Learning Systems to make.

In conclusion to this Steve Krenz review, he presents his many years of guitar playing experience and educational wisdom in this concise and comprehensive 20 DVD learn guitar program in such a way that you almost feel like he is sitting with you in the room as he helps, guides and teaches to better guitar playing.

What Others Say

“…I want to thank Steve for his tremendous experience as a teacher and for his very logical course. I learned a lot during the last few months.”

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