Riffmaster Pro Review

Riffmaster Pro Software For Guitarists:
Slow Down And Easily Work Out Your Favorite Songs!

Reviewer: Jamie Jackson
Rating: 4 Star Rating
Website Reviewed: www.riffmasterpro.com

In this Riffmaster Pro review, we’ll cut straight to the chase and tell you that this software is actually a very good learning tool to help you improve your guitaring IF what you are after is software that helps you transcribe guitar parts by using your ear and developing your pitch recognition.

Easy to use

Even if you’re completely tech illiterate, Riffmaster Pro is very simple and straight forward to use. If you can import, playback and EQ songs in Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes, you’ll have no problems using the Riffmaster Pro software, it’s really that easy!

Riffmaster Pro nurtures you to improve your note and chord progression recognition skills and because of that, you develop a better musical ear. How does it do this for you? I’m glad you asked!

Click Here for official Riffmaster Pro website (Free 10 day trial)

You can import your favourite song you want to learn into Riffmaster Pro software, adjust the playback speed and equalize it to bring out the guitar section a little more. By slowing down the playback of the song, you can work out much more easily that solo or chord progression. You can then practice along to the slower version until you’ve got the knack of that guitar part and gradually speed it up to original speed.

User friendly interface

This is all done through a user friendly interface. Speed, pitch and volume controls are all easily adjustable from the front panel of Riffmaster Pro along with EQ and the loop function. As the name suggests, it’s really handy being able to zoom in on that tricky 2 second phrase using the loop function and working out what exactly is happening in that section of a song. There are EQ presets just in case you don’t want to waste too much time fiddling with adjusting the EQ.

Learning to play by ear is very beneficial and can help you to develop your own playing style early on as you are interpreting what you hear on your own, working out your own methods of fretting notes all without the assistance of tablature. Let’s face it, a lot of free tablature that you can get online tends to be incorrect anyhow as we can’t be sure whether what was posted online was by a transcribing professional (most likely not) or by a youngster in his bedroom (more than likely)!

What Others Say

“…great for working out those tricky solos, I ve been working on a Jeff beck lick for a while and with Riffmaster I was able to get it and play it quicker than I ever thought…”

Actual user comment from ChristianGuitar.org Forum

“…it does everything I hoped for. In fact it’s far better than I expected. This should help bring my guitar playing up a few levels…”

Actual user comment from InstituteOfNoise.com Forum

Riffmaster Pro review summary

All in all, Riffmaster Pro delivers and does what it says it, it improves your guitaring by allowing you to learn and work out songs through developing your pitch recognition otherwise known as playing by ear. Riffmaster Pro is straight forward and very easy to use that even someone who isn’t techno savvy will have no trouble using it.

Click Here for official Riffmaster Pro website (Free 10 day trial)


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