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Private Guitar Lessons

Private Guitar Lessons: Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you thinking of taking private guitar lessons to learn or improve your guitar playing? As a guitar tutor for the last 8 years, I’m going to explain some of the pro’s and con’s that come with taking private guitar lessons and also share some alternatives that you may or may not have considered also.

Private Guitar Lesson Advantages

First of all, the best private guitar lessons are the one on one type with a guitar tutor. Usually these are organised on a weekly basis and a tutor can tailor lessons towards the needs to the student ie. spend more time focusing and improving strumming and rhythm if that is a weak area, explain and study lead guitar techniques if that is a core focus. A tutor is able to analyse your progress and then adjust lessons as needed.

You reap the benefit of a tutor with years of experience coaching you and demonstrating right in front of you how to perform techniques on the guitar. The lessons are usually very interactive and you can always have any question answered immediately.

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Group guitar lessons are also another common way of learning and as the name suggests, it is more of a class environment where a tutor will teach multiple students at the same time. You’ll need to keep up with learning at the pace set by the tutor and the lessons will more than likely have a more set structure to them and not as flexible as the one on one arrangement.

Private Guitar Lesson Disadvantages

The main drawback with private guitar lessons are the tuition fees involved. They are usually structured on a weekly, monthly or term basis and required an ongoing financial commitment while you learn. Over an extended period of time, these fees can amount to a fairly considerable amount but in return you do get the benefit of someone that you can call upon should you need to for advice while you learn.

Other Ways to Learn Guitar

Aside from private guitar lessons as a means to learn, there are a number of very good homestudy courses available these days which should be considered as they can be a very cost efficient way to learn guitar also. These can come either in the form of a set of DVDs or as an online multimedia course which covers every aspect of learning guitar from an absolute beginner level right through to the most advanced techniques.

Obvious benefits with learn to play guitar homestudy courses are that they are much, much cheaper in the long term as compared to private guitar lessons, you have the ability to learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The content is usually very comprehensive and structured.

Tuition books are also another option however I believe that it’s more helpful being able to watch and hear examples of guitar technique in action as multimedia is more effective as compared to printed books. On the flip side however, tuition books are the cheapest of all possible learning options.

Boost Your Playing Starting Today, Check Out Our Online Guitar Lessons

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