Learn To Play Guitar Fast

Learn to Play Guitar Fast: Things You Should Know

There are plenty of learner guitarists who are keen to know how to play the guitar with ease. Thing is, a lot of them only have a slight idea of what’s actually involved. We’re going to set the record straight about learning to play fast, share some of the fundamental rules about learning to play the guitar fast and give you a general idea how to use this playing style.

Misconceptions about Playing the Guitar Fast

Even though playing fast is definitely a trend getting more popular, speed by itself doesn’t work well on its own. But when it’s tastefully applied within the context of a song, that’s when it’s a great thing.

Some people believe that practicing fast is the key to learn to play guitar fast. After a certain point, this is true however the initial step before you can focus on playing fast is to develop some core techniques. This can only be learnt slowly and deliberately, once these are mastered, then you can begin to ramp things up.

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How to Learn to Play Guitar Fast?

You need to think before you play, that is the key to being able to play fast. What this means is that through slow, deliberate practice, you know where your fingers are exactly meant to go before you even shift them.

You should practice building up your finger strength as well flexing your finger. We develop our flexors naturally through everyday habit by grabbing and holding onto things, we need to work on our extensors too to be able to learn to play guitar fast.

By practicing bursts of speed, you can build body energy to last during periods of fast playing. A speed burst is when you take a small section of a scale and play it forwards and backwards with rhythmic consistency, say using an eighth note timing for every note. Then without stopping, continue to play the same scale section backwards and forwards but this time using sixteenth notes rather than eighth notes. You will soon know if there are any problems that need working on when you play through the scale, like string shifts or string crossings.

How to Use Speed the Right Way?

When you look at a song, you’ll discover usually that the parts where there are fast playing moments only last for short moments. Of course, knowing music scales and the ability to play them fast is a great thing but you don’t need to play fast for extended periods of time.

You’ll find all sorts of advice online with suggestions on how you can learn to play guitar fast. Thing is, advice is one thing, putting in the effort and work needed to develop your speed is another, perserverence will definitely help you greatly. The best place to start is to develop your finger strength and work on speed bursts.

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