Lead Guitar Lessons

Lead Guitar Lessons to Play Super Solos!

Lead Guitar Lessons

Over 3000 online guitar lessons available

Do you want lead guitar lessons so you can learn to play those amazing solos like a true guitar master?

Don’t go anywhere because you’ve come to the right place for just that.

Learning to develop your lead guitar playing skills requires a bit more specialist knowledge than that of just regular guitar playing.

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Lead Guitar Techniques

You’ll need lead guitar lessons that go into further detail how to refine such techniques as hammer ons, pull offs, tapping, speed picking, bending, vibrato, sweep picking, arpeggios and trills to name just a few.

Lead Guitar Music Theory

Once you have learnt and got the main techniques under control, you’ll also need lead guitar lessons that then help improve your understanding of music theory. Knowing when to use the right scale over the right chord sequence is critical! You will hardly ever hear a guitar master like Eric Clapton, Joe Satriani or Jimi Hendrix hit a bum note because they didn’t know their lead scales.

Lead Guitar Improvisation

Once you have got your techniques and music theory understood, the next thing lead guitar lessons need to teach you is how to improvise. Improvising is the art of playing guitar where it appears to others listening that you are making up a solo on the spot.

Lead Guitar Licks

The truth is, it’s a combination of knowing which scale to play, combined with lead techniques with a bag of guitar tricks every guitarist develops which are called guitar licks. Guitar licks are lead guitar phrases to use when it comes to performing a solo.

Great lead guitar players make up their own guitar licks to suit their playing style and whenever they solo, they call upon them to use when needed.

Guitar Tricks:  Online Lead Guitar Lessons

One website I’ve come across that offers really good lead guitar lessons at a very affordable price is Guitar Tricks. In fact they have over 3000 online guitar lessons from numerous guitar teaches who can teach lead guitar in a variety of styles.

They’ve been online providing guitar lessons for over 10 years so if you’re serious about improving your lead guitar playing, I strongly recommend you check them out.

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