How To Learn To Play Guitar

How to Learn to Play Guitar: Get Started Fast

There are several methods available these days which can show a person how to learn to play guitar and they all have varying effectiveness and costs associated to them.

These methods include:

  • Private one on one guitar lessons
  • Group guitar lessons
  • Tuition Books
  • Homestudy DVDs
  • Online multimedia courses

We’ll briefly have a look at each of these methods and see if we can establish which may be the appropriate how to learn to play guitar method for you.

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Private One on One Guitar Lessons
This method can be the most flexible as the tutor can speed up or slow down the pace of lessons to suit your learning speed as well as tailor lessons to your needs as required. A tutor can assign homework and keep you accountable as you learn, which is a very good thing to help keep you on track. The best benefit with this method is that you have a tutor who can correct and guide you immediately as you learn guitar. This method is the most costly over the long term as you’ll pay regularly either on a weekly, monthly or term basis in order to continue taking lessons.

Group Guitar Lessons
This will be more like a class environment where you will share a tutor with several others. You are more likely to have a set learning syllabus which is taught from lesson to lesson which means you have to keep up with the pace that is being taught. Though you will no longer have the sole attention span of the tutor, your learning can still be held accountable and encouraged from week to week.

Tuition Guitar Books
Tuition books and magazines can be a cost effective alternative in how to learn to play guitar. You can go through the lessons at your own pace and there is just the one off cost to get started. Drawbacks however is that you don’t have a tutor to correct you when you make mistakes. You’ll also spend more time working out things when a tutor could have demonstrated a concept right away.

Homestudy Learn Guitar DVDs
You get the benefit of being able to see and listen to a tutor teach you in the comfort of your own home with DVDs. You can go through lessons at your own pace and unlike a book, you can see a person demonstrate how to do something. You can watch a section over as much or as little as you like until you feel you have grasped the concept before moving on. You still don’t have a real person available to correct any mistakes you may be making but chances are you are less likely to make mistakes because you can see something taught correctly to begin with. This method will be more costly than with books however longer term it can be much cheaper than with traditional private or group guitar lessons.

Learn Guitar Online Multimedia Courses
You’ll generally find that learning to play guitar online has the advantage of combining many types of multimedia to help with learning. You’ll be able to view videos, read lesson documents and listen to audio examples learning through multiple senses. As with DVDs and books, you can take lessons at your own pace but unlike books or dvds, updates to lessons can easily be added with an online guitar course as well as sometimes including nice extras to aid learning with accompanying tuitional software. You still need to have a decent level of self discipline to keep yourself accountable as you learn however online guitar courses can be a very cost effective method in how to learn to play guitar as compared to private or group tuition.

So which learn guitar method is the best one for you?

If you are after the most cost effective ways in learning to play guitar, I would look into an online guitar course or guitar instructional dvd to start with. It’s much easier to watch and copy someone as you learn, if your learning budget is really tight then look into a decent guitar lesson book.

If you would prefer a learning method that is more hands on and don’t mind the ongoing tuitional fees involved, seek out and enlist the help of a private tutor or music school in your local area. You benefit from having a real tutor coach you, encourage you and correct you while you learn.

Boost Your Playing Starting Today, Check Out Our Online Guitar Lessons

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